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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Paper Towels

"Sir, have you tried the new Bounty Basic paper towels? They are really just as good as these towels, they work just as well and they are only fifty cents instead of $1."

I asked myself if this just happened. You see, we use paper towels in my house. I'm a little embarrassed to say - many paper towels. Three kids, two dogs and a cat or two (I won't tell you the real number) create many opportunities for us to utilize the power of "the quicker picker upper." Often.

But this was odd to me as a marketer. The clerk was prodding me into purchasing a cheaper product. They reminded me that the towels were made by Bounty (brand loyalty) and I couldn't help but feel like we were all going to pull a fast one on Bounty.

"Go ahead," she said," run back and get you some, I'll wait to scan the rest of your items."

Suddenly, I was pulled to the back of the store, grabbing the Basic towels and striding to the front of the store with my stash.

Oh the joy of a bargain, reinforced by a strong brand like Bounty.

Wait a minute, did Bounty just open up their brand to another demographic group - price sensitive paper towel shoppers?

You and I know there aren't as many sheets on the roll.

The paper is also thinner.

Honestly, I don't mind, I'm wiping mud off my dogs feet, I don't need a tarp that I can balance a jar of spaghetti sauce on.

Bounty, your brand is strong. Basic may help you attract users that normally wouldn't buy you.
For what it is worth, people are talking about your product and influencing the buying behavior of your customers.


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