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Monday, October 24, 2005

Making a Statement on My Cup

Found the following statement on my soft-drink cup from Arby's:

Don't come in and order the usual, because we won't have it. That's not what we're about here. We're about something different. We're about something much better than the usual. Maybe that makes us unusual. But that's how we think around here.

I love this language. It is so direct. Arby's is having a conversation with me--and the rest of the marketplace. And they are placing their intentions out in the open, for all of us to see. Once you read this, there is no room for you to have any doubt about the position that Arby's wants to own in the fast food market.

Arby's, I am not crazy about the oven mitt guy. He's okay. But I do love the language and tone of your marketing messages. Oh, and you had me with the advent of the Market Fresh sandwich line. The marketing geniuses at Arby's know this: quality sells!


Anonymous will h said...

CPB does that in a lot of their stuff with BK.

they irony is that it isn't really direct at all, what does that text really tell you?


it's just that someone's talking to (or at) you that matters.


2:55 PM


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