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Friday, October 14, 2005

Viacom - Layering and Targeting Geniuses!!!

You are probably sick of my kids, but I can't help myself.

You see, someone has placed a target on them and man are they are good at gaining penetration in the minds of my children.

The Backyardigans have arrived in full force in my home, in stores I shop, on my computer, in my DVD player and in my CD collection.

They are these cool little, funky dancing, really smart, funny characters that my kids have fallen in love with. My kids sing their songs, do their dances, etc., etc., etc.

This is the marketing part. Viacom puts the show on Noggin when my children were normally watching one of their other favorite shows. They show it for weeks. Then they move it to Nick Jr. (they moved audience to Nick Jr.) and advertised the crap out of Little Einsteins (convinced my kids to watch something they would not have seen on Noggin).

My wife buys CD and DVD for kids on Amazon.

While at Kohl's Department store - we see branded Backyardigans clothes - must have them.

While at Krogers - Nick Jr. Magazine this month is completely committed to The Backyardigans. Magazine is purchased. They spent two hours doing the activities in the magazine yesterday.

In Parenting magazines we read, there are ads for the little be-boppin-hip-hoppin dudes.

Man, oh, man.
We have been Targeted.

Golly yikers.
I have had messages Layered upon me.

They Are Everywhere: TV, MultiMedia, Print, Audio, retail, grocery - AAAAAHHHHH!

Just in case you are wondering, my children do not just sit in front of the TV all day, actually, they can only take so much of it.

What happens is that these new shows have replaced their other watching habits.

We limit how much TV they can watch, so they are choosing from the options they have available as to what they want to watch.

Hey Viacom, you are good.

I'd like to meet the folks behind your audience development strategy.


Blogger RebeccaA said...

I like your post about the Backyardigans. They have no party supplies yet. Bummer! You can check out the Backyardigans cake I had done for my daughter's two-year birthday.

10:58 PM


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