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Monday, October 17, 2005

My Treasured Electronic...

I don't really consider myself an electronics nut, but there is one machine I think I would be lost without ... my DVR (digital video recorder). I absolutely love it! It allows me to tape shows if I'm too busy or too tired to watch them. Also, as a HUGE CSI fan, my DVR is set up to tape CSI anytime it is on. And if I'm in the middle of a show and someone calls me... no problem... I just push pause.

Working for a marketing firm, however, I feel somewhat guilty about my devotion to this machine. I confess - I fast-forward through the commercials! Let's face it, you can watch a show faster. However, I have noticed something interesting. When I'm fast-forwarding I pay close attention so I won't go too far, and sometimes something catches my eye. So I push play and rewind to watch the commercial. Even though I'm going through the commercials quicker, I pay much more attention to them. This could be a lesson to marketing professionals; the need to make commercials interesting, eye-catching and humorous is as high as ever. An everyday commercial will not make me rewind, but an attention-getter might make me rewind - sometimes twice.


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