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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Great Wolf Lodge - Dead on Targeting

Say you are 35, have three kids and you are looking for the ideal/perfect place to stay on vacation.

Well, one ad in a magazine led me to a Web site that has just about everything you could ask for: indoor water park, cabin like rooms, a Pizza Hut - all under one roof.

I think the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA is on to something.

They've created an environment experience for parents and children alike, that you cannot find anywhere else in the Williamsburg, VA area.

You see, we love Williamsburg. We go there almost every year.

This resort/hotel has nailed my demographic.

They have a spa and waterslides inside the hotel.

Come on - could it get any better?

Here's the Wolf Den room:

Here's the indoor water park:

Here's the spa:

Marketing Genius!


Anonymous Chris McMahon said...

They're building one of these about a mile from my house right now. I wasn't to excited about it (one more thing to increase traffic) but I'm a bit giddy now, which is silly because I never go to the amusement park they're building this next too.

7:11 AM

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