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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Great Ads #4 - Clinique

A truly great image is a stopper. An image like the one in the Clinique ad stops the reader from her page-flipping frenzy, causing her to pause and observe.

The lines and the composition of this gorgeous Clinique ad also add to its greatness. See how the thin vertical tube of the mascara wand complements with perfect symmetry the skinny vertical spike of the shoe heel. The shiny black shapes are dramatic.

The fact that the imagery sends such a strong message is a mark of excellence. The photo says everything: "When it's time to get dressed up to look your best, you need Clinique mascara. When it is a special occassion and you want to look elegant, you better rely upon Clinique."

Clinique will help you make an impact, just like the one they have made with this great ad.


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