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Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Hidden Logo Elements

While watching college football today, I saw the Big Ten Conference logo. Has anyone else noticed the hidden logo element? The logo is essentially a font treatment of the words "Big" and "Ten."

Here's a clue: how many teams are actually in the Big Ten Conference?

Happy hunting!


Blogger Jim said...

Good catch. I didn't notice that before.

It reminds me of the Montreal Expos logo.

While the M for Montreal is obvious. The E for Expos and B for Baseball are more subtle.

2:10 PM

Anonymous Sherri Therrien said...

I am adding these hidden logos as interjections/wake-ups to a very dry PowerPoint presentation I have to make. Here are others I have found:

Solo cup logo
Baker's Dozen Products
The Guild of Food Writers
8 Fishes Restaurant

The Taiwanese Recycling symbol:

I think my favorite, except for it not being really "hidden" is the symbol for the TVC, France's Train a Grande Vitesse (high speed train). Look at it upside down.

2:43 PM


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