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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Your Red Carpet Welcome

Welcome to all of the first-time visitors to the Marketing Genius blog. We are glad you found us! This all began in March 2004. And since that time, we've been sharing our thoughts, beliefs and rants (most of it marketing-related) in the form of hundreds of posts or commentaries.

Some of you may have arrived here by way of the new series of Maple Creative ads, which promote this blog. We've decided to advertise this blog ... to direct people to it. This is another of the bold changes at Marketing Genius. In our ads, we're inviting our audience to see what's on our minds; to see how we think; and to see why we're different--by visiting here.

If you are here as a result of seeing this blog mentioned in one of our ads, we'd love it if you would tell us by leaving a comment. We would love it even more if you would come back often to visit ... subscribe by adding our RSS feed to your news reader ... or perhaps share this resource with a friend or two.


Anonymous Ankesh Kothari said...


I'm not a new visitor. But would love to see the ads you are using to promote your wonderful blog...

12:05 AM


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