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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coming Up

Just finished up a great lunch discussion with Dave Pray. We had some very good discussion about the importance of voice and genuineness in social media.

Voice - is it authentic ... is it relevant ... is it coherent? Is it your own?

We've all seen those blogs or Facebook pages or Twitter presences with an unauthentic voice. Some owner or marketing director has hired a third-party to be the mouthpiece for the company on its social media vehicles. Guess what folks: you're not fooling any of us!

As a marketing professional, I will only coach and counsel my clients on social media in order to make them effective and self-sufficient. I will not write for them. I am not the voice, because I do not have the soul, or the perspective or the nuances of language.

In the weeks ahead, we have some new things coming up! Dave Pray will be guest authoring a blog post or two here. He has some great ideas cooking!

Also, we have rejuvenated the very popular "Great Ads" series from a couple of years ago. To date, there have been eight posts in this series. Tim, Erin and Laura are working on a few new ones. I have a great ad clipped and ready to post, too. If you want to catch up on our "Great Ads" series - by all means do! Be sure to comment on your faves.

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