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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Ads #8 - Canon

Advertisement from June 2004 issue of Inc.

When I saw this I could not help but to laugh! Would this really work in a real situation? Maybe not, but Canon sure does make it believable. Even if it is something that may not really keep someone out of the seat,

Canon has done a great job here bringing real life, "everyday," experiences together with a product inclusion as a comedic relief. You can see the product, you can see what it does, you can see how well it does it, and you can see how, in this scenario, it has become the bearer of the gentleman's burden. As it produces such crystal clear images that it has accomplished it's tasked goal; "Can't Sit There." Anytime you use comedy to advertise, and do it right ...

Thanks for the good advertising theme Canon, and THANKS for the laugh!

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