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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Small talk

I visited the Apple Web site today to discover two words on the home page, “Small talk,” with a hand holding up a tiny silver rectangle. My initial goal flew out the window (I don’t even remember why I was visiting the Apple site to begin with.) Instead, I started to click around to find out more about this shiny new product, the newest iPod shuffle. 

I already have an iPod and no need for a new one… but this little guy (and boy do I mean little) caught my attention. Not only is it the smallest music player around (the earbuds are about the same size as the shuffle itself), it also boasts the new VoiceOver feature. With the press of a button the iPod will tell you about the song you are listening to. 


I already have a fun enough time typing random phrases into text-to-speech programs… and I figure my goal will be to fill the 4GB of space with as many lengthy, foreign or oddly spelled titles as possible. (Apple claims VoiceOver will automatically select the proper language and voice for foreign titles and artists.) 

I’m not one to collect tech toys, but this one really hooked me. I’m almost ashamed of myself! In 10 minutes, I went from not being in the market for a new mp3 player to pondering whether to have my name or a small quote engraved on the back of my new iPod shuffle (I chose “A witty saying proves nothing.” – Voltaire).

Apple quickly turned me from a casual browser to a customer with their innovative products, sleek design, to-the-point copy and free shipping. Now that's genius.

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