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Monday, January 30, 2006

More Definitions of Marketing

Continuing on the "Basics" series - here are a few other definitions of marketing that I find useful, helpful and accurate.

"Marketing is the process of finding customers and keeping them happy ... so that they keep coming back AND tell others!"

"Marketing is everything you do to make the phone ring, before the phone rings." (This is a bit dated now, so feel free to substitute "generate inquiries via e-mail" in place of "make the phone ring.")

“Marketing is a circular process, which can begin almost anywhere and never ends.”
-Craig Hartsell, Azimuth

"If you have 600 years to grow your business, depend on word of mouth. If
not, look into the power of [marketing] to accelerate and maintain business
Brent Barbee, Rutter Media (Morgantown)

“Marketing puts the ball in play. Sales puts the ball away.”
- Chuck Peck, CEO,

“The purpose of marketing is to make selling redundant.”
- Peter Drucker


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