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Monday, January 02, 2006

National Guard Marketing to Recruits

The National Guard has revamped its marketing program, according to an article by Mitch Lipka in The Philadelphia Inquirer (Dec. 26, 2005). Following research, the Guard has found what works ... what truly cuts through the clutter and reaches its key audience. So here's what the Guard is offering:

Free iTunes downloads on its Web site

Ads on pizza boxes in selected towns

Since October, the boxes have shown up in mom-and-pop pizza places in 700 to 900 college towns nationwide, said Lt. Col. Mike Jones, the Guard's deputy division chief for recruiting and retention. The Guard spends about 25 cents a box for the ad. A pizzeria owner would get the boxes free. Jones said that reaching the intended recipients in college towns through their well-established pizza-ingestion habit is cost-effective and leaves an impression.
Another cost-effective campaign has been offering a free iTunes download for those who view certain Guard material on the Guard's Web site and fill out their personal information. At a cost of about 87 cents a download, he said, it's a lot cheaper than spending about $8 to give away a Guard hat.
"You can't just be NASCAR and rodeo," Jones said. "You have to have a very rounded approach."
Kudos to the marketing geniuses at the National Guard for understanding their audience and for having a multi-faceted marketing plan.

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