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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Change Occurs

This is an odd post for me.

This week I began working for a new company.

I have left Maple Creative.

Skip Lineberg asked that I post a "farewell" blog to let folks know why you won't be reading my thoughts on marketing after today here on the Maple Blog.

I've joined a Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) provider as their VP - Marketing and Communications.

The entire premise of the work that I will be doing will help small to mid-size employers throughout the United States gain control of their health care costs while improving the health benefits they can provide to their employees. Sounds too good to be true, but I've got research and outcome data to back up the promise.

I'm pretty excited about the next few months. The industry is growing like crazy. The competitive landscape is just shaping up. Our company has carved out a niche and the next twelve months should see our company grow - dramatically - by insanely focusing on prospects that can help us obtain our goal. We've called this Targeting here on the Blog.

Then, I'll communicate with them multiple times, in a variety of environments (face-to-face, print, online). Layering, for those of you that have been reading the Blog.

The message in the communications I have mentioned above will contain our new Unique Selling Proposition (read Rosser Reeves) and will drive home the unique benefit and promise that our company delivers: Positioning.

The field sales people will be given new tools, we are going to activate our current customer base by communicating directly with them, to make sure we keep the customers we have, so that every sale is a sale that grows the company: That's - Results Driven Marketing.

Etc., etc.....

So, to those of you that have found some interest or assistance in the information that I provided during my time as a Marketing Genius - I say thanks for reading. Know that I'll be practicing what I've been preaching.

Be Well and Happy New Year

Andy Malinoski
VP - Marketing
Vested Health


Blogger Jen said...

Best of luck, Andy.

I hope that our paths still continue to cross, as they have over the past year!

Keep in touch!

Jennifer Wagner
Communications Specialist
for the Wellspring Center
Mission West Virginia, Inc.

9:45 AM


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