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Friday, January 13, 2006

My Virtual Music Box -- Pandora

It's rare to find me sitting in silence. I need a soundtrack behind my day. I just recently found the Pandora music portal and I'm hooked.

Pandora is the Music Genome Projectâ„¢ -- the database of music databases with all genres including mainstream and obscure stuff -- and it's updated constantly. For more details check out

If you haven't already opened it, go to to create and customize your own streaming music stations based on favorite artists or songs and discover new music with the same qualities as your picks. Stations can be customized with a click of your mouse. Also scoring points for marketing genius, Pandora is set up so that if you like something you can instantly buy tracks from ITunes or CDs from Amazon.

I've been enjoying Internet radio for a while now and I already have a huge database of my CDs ripped to my computer, along with some downloads, so that I can listen to any of my favorites while working. Observation: With sreaming internet radio, satellite stations and the prevalence of IPods, it seems CD's are on the way to becoming the cassette tapes of my youth (records or eight-tracks for boomers!).


Blogger Jen said...

I haven't tried Pandora, but I definitely will give it a go at the office tomorrow.

After listening to my favorite morning radio show on local radio, I "tune in" to Yahoo radio for the station that I had created. Yahoo has videos, radio, and more for free. (For commercial free versions of this, it costs $4.99 a month.)

I, too, have to have music going to get my work done!

Happy listening!

12:27 PM


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