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Friday, October 07, 2005

33 - Brand

Here's another number for you: 33.

I spent a summer working in a small Pennsylvania town.

Hauling ice, stocking food stands, mixing lemonade for company picnics - hard to believe but it was a great summer.

The small town had a brewery. They made a beer that is more popular in New York than it is in Pittsburgh.

On the inside of the green glass bottle, a recurring phrase, and a number: 33.

Is it 33 reasons to drink the beer? Is it a magical number of time, or hours, or minutes it takes to produce the product? Is it how many you need to drink over a month to really make their profits soar?

I'm not sure, but there is mystery, and I am reminded about Rolling Rock Beer, the friends I made that summer at Idelwild Park, and how many times I answered the same question, over and over that summer, from different people: Where's the bathroom?

It was hot that summer. The beer was cold. And, the Brand of Rolling Rock has a position in my mind associated some pretty simple, but memorable things - all good.



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