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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm Already a Customer

It irks me when companies that already have my business send direct-mail solicitations to my home, asking for my business. The list of culprits includes Cingular (my cell phone service provider), Capital One (my credit card), Charter Communications (my local cable company) and others.

First, it is wasteful. These companies are wasting money on materials and postage by sending offers to me (and others like me who are already customers).

It is sloppy, imprecise. Is it really that hard to cross reference your marketing list with your list of customers? The fact that I AM a customer and they don't KNOW that I'm a customer sends a message to me that their company is not a well-managed, high-quality organization. In marketing terminology, it is brand damage.


Blogger Stefan Engeseth said...

I know the feeling.
Some times companies where I am a costumer even send me an offer with better prices than I have today!

Why don’t instead get input from your costumers like ideas like this:
A new iPod model?

4:33 AM

Anonymous Jimmy Online said...

It may be a waste of money, but companies do it for a purpose. Something strategic is brewing and they sense customers need to know about them. In anyway, they will try to lure attention. Looks like a bad move, but just wait for the rewards.

8:45 PM


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