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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Losing Suction

James Dyson and the folks at the Dyson Company, makers of fine vacuum sweepers, have executed a fine marketing campaign. Thanks to them, we are now concerned that our vacuum sweepers are losing suction. They have created--and defined--a new concern. And they have capitalized upon that concern by offering a product that overcomes it.

The Dyson sweeper contains some 19 cyclones that generate ridiculously high air speeds ... something like 49,000 cubic feet per minute.

What the heck is a cyclone? I don't know, and I don't care. All I know is that the Dyson sweeper with its 49,000 cfm could probably suck up a hamster without missing a beat. It is power. The product is presented as powerful. And it never loses its suction power.

I also love the fact that James Dyson puts his name, or face & voice, on every ad. It is, in effect, a personal guarantee. Reminds me of the old Victor Kiam campaign for the Remington electric razor.

The Dyson campaign is a great one. Each ad consistently presents the unique selling proposition: the Dyson sweeper never loses its suction power--unlike other, "inferior" competing products. The overall campaign is consistent and well done. The product, itself, is unique in design, both in its aesthetics and engineering. Plus, the company has a fantastically visual and content-rich Web site that fits the overall campaign and company culture.

Kudos to the marketing geniuses at Dyson. Their marketing certainly does not suck; but their product certainly does!

(Stay tuned for more on this campaign.)


Blogger James Allen said...

I agree but then why did they just conclude a 4 month search and name a new agency last week?

8:18 PM

Blogger Stacey said...

Good campaign.. too bad the sweepers are not so great. I had seen their ads numerous times, and so while at Sam's Club some time ago, they had one out demo-ing it. And let me say.. The rug they used was filthy, but that Dyson didn't do squat. Maybe it was the demo unit.. Maybe hte person demo-ing it really didn't know how to use it... maybe the rug was too dirty.. In any case, did not impress me in the least.

8:38 PM

Blogger Rick Lee said...

I think their advertising is totally brilliant. I love the British guy and it's quite convincing. However, I was in the market for a new vacuum a while back and I did a lot of research which told me that Dyson really wasn't that much better than the other comparably priced units... which mostly aren't very good. Reliability is a problem for most of these units which use a lot of cheap plastic parts. I asked my cleaning lady who uses other people's vacuum cleaners every day. For her personal use, she bought a (very expensive) Orick unit, so I did too.

5:30 PM

Blogger Emily W said...

I received a Dyson as a gift when I moved into my new house. I LOVE IT!

It is so light -- not at all hard to lug around or push. My model is ergonomically designed for short people, so it doesn't strain my back. The cord is super long. The attachments are all great and easy to access. And it's great for hardwoods and linoleum.

The two best features are 1. you don't have to buy bags for it -- you just pop off the dirt chamber, hold it over the garbage, push a button and the dirt dumps out! Awesome. 2. The telescoping hose for sweeping stairs, baseboards or cobwebs out of high corners is brilliant -- better than any I've ever used because it's self contained in the back of the unit -- you just push a button and pull it off, it's stretches up a standard flight of stairs and the long handle on it means you don't have to do alot of bending over.

OK, so I didn't pay for it. But I would. And after using it for almost a year ... I'd say it's worth every penny and I'd advise anyone in the market for a new vacuum to check into it!

2:53 PM


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