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Friday, October 07, 2005

Brand = Relationship

When I read marketing textbooks, I'm always amazed at how complex business books, textbooks, consultants and marketing gurus make the definition of Brand, Branding, Marketing, etc.

At Maple, we approach the ideas I just wrote about from a different perspective - we boil it down and create a common dialog with our customers so that we can have a conversation about the reality, which is running a profitable business.

Here are some definitions for your consideration:

Brand = the relationship someone has with your product, service or idea.
Branding = doing things to enhance that relationship.

The difference is how we approach the whole idea of Branding, we use tactics like:

Marketing - creating an environment for sales to occur
Advertising - creating materials that communicate your unique selling proposition or promise
Public Relations - creating conversations with your target customers
Lobbying - influence and information sharing
E-business - using the utility of the Internet as an integrated function of your business strategy

In nutshell (or I prefer a Spinner - the seed of a Maple tree) that's our business and how we seek to make a difference in the businesses of those with which we work.


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