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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet Our Newest Team Member - CREO

He's quirky. He is somewhat shy. And he is a creative powerhouse.

It is with great pride that I introduce you to CREO. He is the embodiment of creativity at Maple Creative.

To say that CREO is the newest member of our team is not totally accurate. CREO has been here all along. However, it is only recently that we have coaxed and persuaded him to go public.

CREO authorized us to release the following statement. Quoting directly:

"sdfe jiojoj fex jiokol cdsder njoi awesere njmkiol gferf. joij-fewf, dwed jkoj jioj sdfew. kop awqq njmklfreeeet vbdf bnjhn. cfde hjui serq jkioj? zasew oip dfger uiohuji ,.,,,.liuo ewfer?/?"

Okay, so CREO is a lousy typist. But the dude has huge hands... and only 8 fingers. Let's cut him a break. Allow me to translate:

"So Maple is a cool place in many respects. It is a really nice outlet for my creativity. I wonder sometimes if I am fitting in with them, though. Do they get me? And why do they leave here in the afternoon, because creativity never sleeps. Creativity lives here. Who stole my Funyuns?"

Go figure....

The guy can be a pest at times, to be sure. And talk about making a mess! But get him in on a brainstorming and the creative level just skyrockets! He's been in the State Journal and in West Virginia Executive lately. Oh, and rumor has it that he'll be showing up on YouTube and Facebook soon. We can only hope and pray that this recent "fame" doesn't go to his (freakin' huge) head.

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