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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great ads #9

The other night I was watching the elite 8 and a commercial came on that was a parody of Tom Cruise's Risky Business. It had Duke's Coach K, UNC's Roy Williams and Lousiville's Rick Pitino and Bobby Knight. It was just an entertaining way for Guitar Hero to promote the new Guitar Hero Metallica. It's now on YouTube. I think it's a good way to promote the new game because it was on CBS during March Madness with well-known coaches. I know for me it made me go check out the website and see what all was going on with Guitar Hero and the new games.


Blogger Mace4Thought said...

There was also a follow-up commercial on ESPN that had the Metallica band members tie up the coaches to keep them from dancing. I think it was an excellent tie in from the original commercial.

1:43 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for posting your comment and adding to the discussion. I'll be on the lookout for that follow-up spot. Isn't it great when they take a good concept like this one and extend the humor through such spin-offs?


12:57 PM


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