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Friday, April 03, 2009

Dave Pray on Facebook/Social Media

Skip Lineberg is a friend of mine and Maple Creative has performed work for me and my companies. A few years ago I launched a new company, PrayWorks, and the Maple team created the name, logo, and initial web presence. Too, I subleased a small office at Maple’s headquarters, so I got to hang around the Maple team for a year or two. I am Blogger ( 209 Capitol Street ) (Skip introduced me to this world as well) and recently Skip asked me to guest BLOG on the Marketing Genius website….so here is post number 1!!!

I think BLOG posts need to be short…so my intent is to discuss Facebook. I have written about Facebook (a venue for “social media”) on my Blog so go and read my general musings. a component of a marketing plan….social media is a device or forum that wants to be on your radar screen. Here’s why:

People do business with people. So, by making regular (you decide what regular means, but I think a few times a week qualifies as regular) you begin to paint a picture of whom you are for your market (i.e. “Friends”). Now these entries should likely be a combination of professional and personal musings. Perhaps you post a link to an interesting magazine article about something relevant in your industry (business) or post a sports link (personal) you think your market might like to see. You can provide very brief updates about your work day (business) and then post a very short thought about the movie you just saw (personal).

Multi-Media. Too…Facebook is not just about text….it’s a great place for photos. You know the creative types by how often (and with what) that post as their picture…Hmmmm…time for me to change up. Maybe a few project photos as well as pictures of you and your family.

Network. Reconnecting with old friends (OK…your network) I think is fundamentally a personal endeavor. However, isn’t marketing about getting a “friend” to refer you? “You really need to talk to Dave Pray”. Facebook can be all about personal entries and just simply provide your market with top of mind awareness.

How about as a recruiting tool?

Now… of the big knocks about Facebook is…….Who has any time?? I suggest this is simply a learning curve. Sure…there are those who obsess and just seem to live in this world…but I think most of us either keep the page up and give it a glance or, using your iPhone, just keep track of activity while you are walking down the street….but that’s another subject!


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Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks so much for a very thoughtful and relevant blog post! Your essay caused me to think back to when I joined Facebook (at the urging of Bob Coffield). So, I joined Facebook and LinkedIn on the same day, sort of an experiment in each. Now, two years later, I am on Facebook 4 times per day and LinkedIn only about twice a month.

I think Dave is very much of a visual thinker, visual learner, like I am. The photo and other multi-media elements of Facebook, make it very compelling and give it an enriched feel for folks like us.

One last thought... other knocks on Facebook. You're not going to belived this one. One of the smartest human beings I know said that she was not going to join Facebook because she's heard how it rips families apart.

Really now?

>>> Dave - we can't wait for your next guest column on staging and the fundamental importance of presentation in marketing and sales.


1:43 PM


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