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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Next Generation Marketing - a unique learning opportunity

Over the past several years, I've done dozens of bootstrap marketing seminars and other "marketing overview" one-hour presentations. Invariably, the attendees request additional training for more in-depth marketing, or more advanced training, especially on the latest Web 2.0 and social media tactics. Jeff James of Mythology Marketing and Justin Seibert of Direct Online Marketing have shared similar experiences and similar feedback. Finally, we have decided to give you what you want. I am looking forward to collaborating with these two fine marketing geniuses, for whom I have great respect.

Next Generation Marketing is officially "on." We have put together a full-day seminar of advanced marketing content. This seminar is for experienced marketing executives; it is not beginner level content. We will be emphasizing the new marketing tactics (Web 2.0, social media, search engine strategies, etc.) with a special focus on accountability and marketing ROI.

We'll be hitting five cities in a 30-day span from April 30 through May 22. In fact, we are declaring: May is Marketing Month!

April 30 - Martinsburg - Holiday Inn
May 13 - Huntington - Pullman Plaza Hotel
May 14 - Charleston - Embassy Suites
May 21 - Wheeling - Wheeling Island Resort
May 22 - Morgantown - Waterfront Place Hotel

In addition to our trio, we will have one or more "marketing superstars" as guest presenters. So far, these include the top marketing execs from CAMC and Snowshoe. We'll keep you posted as the other superstars are booked. We have an exciting group of sponsors forming too, including The State Journal and Continental Airlines.

We hope you will make plans to attend. Jump on our event Web site to get all the details and to register online.

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