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Monday, April 07, 2008

Time Machiner: I Can Imagine This Being Very Useful

Thanks to Kevin Kelly's blog post today I learned about Time Machiner. It is a service that allows you to send e-mail in the future. You can think of it today .... send it .... and have it delivered later. This is one of those applications or ideas that is so simple that it's beautiful.

Want to remind yourself and a staff person about a quarterly review meeting. Handle all of the reminder e-mail messages today with Time Machiner. Need to inquire with a customer periodically about a pending proposal? Time Machiner could be your ticket.

Now for all of you tekkies out there, I will admit: there's probably built-in way to do this in Microsoft Outlook (maybe there's a send later function?). If so, it is not straightforward or simple. Granted, I can also see where not all of these tasks are best suited for email. However, e-mail is what 98% of the world utilizes. Plus, the ease and convenience of a Web application makes a nice format for something like this. I believe strongly that simple beats complicated in all but the rarest of cases.

It's not hard to think of applications for this, is it? How might you utilize it to make your life easier or your work more productive?

PS - For those who are unfamiliar, Kevin Kelly is the founder of Wired magazine, which is my favorite read. His blog is great, too. I highly recommend both!

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