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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You Looked at my WHAT Before you Hired Me?

Go ahead, Fess Up. If you’re on a blogging site reading entries from fellow bloggers, you can admit that you have probably checked your Facebook or Myspace account today. Caught you, didn’t we. :)

So, here’s the question. Just what kind of information ARE you posting on these famous networking sites? And, more importantly, are you aware of the risks involved with these sites?

Employers have caught the frenzy of these sites. They are logging on and checking on potential employees to see just what kind of activity is on their site. With everything from pictures, interests, previous jobs, groups and comments from your friends, an employer can learn a lot about you before you step foot into their office for an interview.

So, what kind of reputation have you given yourself from your profile? If you are allowing some promiscuous photos to be viewed on your profile or listing your favorite activities as “bar hopping,” you might not be sending out the best impression to others.

It is important to keep your information private, letting only your friends view your profile. Also, remember that the internet is uncensored…If you’re putting yourself out there, be ready for the risks and consequences that come along with it.

So, clean it up. Because if you’ve left anything behind, it could come back to get you!

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Blogger Jen said...

We've seen a lot of this lately. Employers as well as many other people are checking out MySpace and Facebook accounts to see what folks are up to.

Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey (and now a Miss America contestant) has had to go face to face with photos of her in "compromising" poses on tv. This all came about b/c 'blackmail' photos were posted on the internet and submitted to the Miss Universe pageant system. She showed her true photos from her page to prove the other photos were fake. This opened a whole can of worms and now she, along with many other folks, have seen the result of what posting "less than proper" photos can do.

Watch what you post online....because someone is always watching you!

11:39 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for you insightful comment!


11:48 AM


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