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Friday, June 22, 2007

Birth of a State. Birth of a Blog.

Wednesday, June 20, marked the 144th birthday of the State of West Virginia. While that was reason enough to be excited, it was not the only cause for celebration. Wednesday also marked the birth, or launch, of a cool, new blog, A Better West Virginia. I'm pleased to share with you the following message from its founder, Jason Keeling, as we wish him great success.

Today marks West Virginia Day (144th anniversary of statehood), which serves as a reminder of the state's rich history, and provides occasion to reflect upon its future. Communication professionals within the state have a significant role to play in building and promoting aBetterWestVirginia. Those outside would benefit from learning more about the realities of our unique state, and in doing so helping to break down the stereotypical imagery of Appalachia as "backward."

There are many forward-thinking organizations, businesses, people, and initiatives in West Virginia, it's simply a matter of "getting the word out." It is in this mode of thinking that is being launched today, and although the site isn't designed to cover marketing and public relations specifically, the discussion of West Virginia culture and economy will certainly be relevant to these disciplines.

Thanks to the
Maple Creative team for the opportunity to post here today. Marketing Geniuses in the state and across the globe are welcome to join the conversation at aBetterWestVirginia.

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