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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Leading the Creative Charge in WV: Jeff James

We are excited to be working with Jeff James on the CreateWV initiative! Jeff is a marketing genius, who hails from Microsoft. For the past several years, Jeff led the Microsoft's Executive Circle program. Now, he has launched a marketing venture, Mythology Marketing.

Jeff and other leaders within Vision Shared have made great strides in advancing the creative sector of the West Virginia economy. They have identified, quantified, spotlighted and are now actively linking up the many creative people, places and networks that are found all across the Mountain State. You can learn more via the group's recently released whitepaper, "Culture, Creativity and Innovation - West Virginia in the New Economy."

Jeff is the lead blogger on the CreateWV blog, now a part of our blogroll. We are working feverishly on the launch of the CreateWV web site, which features tons of information, resources and social networking tools for the West Virginia creative community.

The Maple Creative team has been proud to have provided graphic design, Web design and public relations support for Jeff and his talented, creative cohorts! It is always a treat to work with a visionary and marketing genius like Jeff!

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