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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's The Media Appetite This Summer?

Marketing geniuses: Can’t stand the heat? Well, according to our friends at PR Newswire, it’s time to start looking to the fall and even the holiday season. Jump in and cool off.

Holidays: No, not Labor Day! Thanksgiving and Christmas…Don’t seem so shocked! It’s time to start getting things into the November and December magazines. NOW is the time to get information to the editors

Back to School: All kids will be heading back to school in the fall, so you guessed it…EVERY newspaper has to cover this topic in some way. Try to provide a different twist with your back to school ideas.

Those aren’t the only topics that the American Press is covering this season. Take a look at some more ideas to get your stories covered:

Business: If you offer a timeless piece that is always ready, newspaper and web site editors can fill space during their slack times. Some good ideas for this type of copy are a “Trend” or a “Technology” article.

Fashion, Beauty and Bridal: Skin care is always a hot topic for the season so focus on some tips to avoid sun damage. Also, spring bridal magazines are gearing up for the spring season so take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and get your photo shoot ready! Try a new focus on a back to school ad by coupling it with a fashion in a possible “Do’s and Don’ts for back to school.

Fitness, Diet and Nutrition: It’s summer which means we are wearing fewer clothes than normal. While we don’t have big, bulky sweaters and coats and long pants to cover our not-so-toned areas, it’s a great time to offer some useful dieting advice for the season. Or, get a kick-start into a fall workout program to be a knockout at your Company Christmas party.

Home and Garden: With an emphasis on environmental friendliness, the American Press is looking for those to be friendly to our Earth. Try pitching something that will maximize energy efficiency or conduct a home improvement with environmentally sustainable materials.

These sizzling summer topics can produce some great earned-media for you. Stay out of the sun and pitch some new ideas today!

Thanks to our friends at PR Newswire for much of this information.

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