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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stay on top of your A-Game

Marketing geniuses-In our fast and growing profession, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated and focused. Here are a few tips to keep you moving up the ladder to your success.

Promote Yourself: Think of this as marketing for the client who you know the most about…you! Focus on the skills that you possess and use them to your advantage. Look at your achievements and project a persona of maturity, professionalism and competence.

Establish Relationships: Networking is becoming more important now than ever and it can increase your visibility in your field. Building relationships can help you move forward in your career. Look for new contacts or mentors and keep in touch with previous relationships. Head out to the local areas in your town or get involved with the many organizations and programs that are offered. Here’s another extra tip: Look at your boss. What kind of priorities do they have? Find out what they want from you and look for ways to surpass the expectations.

Three Skills you MUST Master: Goal Setting, Effective Communication and Time Management. These skills are great for any profession. Work with your boss or fellow employees to set specific goals and timelines that are attainable. If you are communicating effectively with others, setting goals and managing your time to achieve them, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Stay Motivated: YOU choose the response to your environment. Start each day with a positive outlook so that if a negative condition comes up at work, you have the mindset to handle it responsibly. Increase awareness of yourself so you can learn how to cope with stress and manage different circumstances successfully.

Be Cooperative and Make Others Cooperate: People are more interested in what is in a deal for them, not what you want. So, be smart about this. Approach projects with this attitude and show that both parties in the deal can win. This is a more effective way to communicate in negotiations and it usually leads to you ultimately getting what you wanted to begin with…and maybe even a new contact or client.

Career Growth requires you to be Proactive: Review your performances and ask for feedback. Look at the progress you’ve made and use it to identify new goals and growth opportunities. Try to scope out a long-term plan for your future. Always keep a list of the contributions you’ve made to your company and any successes you’ve had, too…That way, when you are discussing a raise with your boss you’ve got the right tools to explain why you’re worthy.

Take a minute to stop and evaluate your current job and see if you can make any changes that can directly affect you AND your company!

Thanks to AOL Jobs Articles for the information used in this blog.


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