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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

From Viewer to Doer - The Activation Shift

From McKinsey & Company today -- viewers who interact with a TV show using their cell phones are more likely to be repeat viewers. Makes sense to me. The shows that get viewers to provide input (think of American Idol), often via text message, have in marketing terms activated their audience. Activation occurs when a source or a sender motivates the recipient to go beyond the status of passive viewer/visitor to active participant. [article excerpt]
Simply put, the shift is from viewer to doer.

When I watch something, you have my eyeballs and at least a portion of my attention. When you ask for my opinion or my input, now you have my brain ... and you have a much greater chance of winning my heart.

The study goes on to report that these same activated viewers are also more likely to recommend such programs to their friends (i.e., initiate referrals) and to purchase related merchandise.

Examples of the power of activation abound in the world of sports. NASCAR fans are among the most brand-loyal customers in the world. ESPN, and NASCAR too, invite us to dine at their cafes ... wear their apparel ... and have up-to-the-minute insider information delivered to our cell phones or wireless-enabled PDAs. Once a customer has been activated, they will almost eat, sleep and breathe the culture of the brand.


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