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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

WebMarket Central's Underemployed Sr. Mktg. Guy

Tom Pick and company at WebMarket Central have some good stuff coooking at their portal site for marketing professionals. The editorial coverage is aligned around online marketing and e-commerce. The portal also provides support tools for marketing professionals, such as reviews of marketing and business books, a how-to guide on search engine optimization and industry news. WebMarket Central is striving to find, assemble and present the best of online marketing--in one convenient place. So far, in my estimation, they've done that ... and then some. The portal also contains a state-by-state listing of advertising and PR agencies that are adept at Web work. [We are pleased and flattered to be part of that esteemed group!]

They also have an up & coming blog, which covers related topics. The blog is located at

And oh, by the way, Tom Pick has adopted the positioning statement: "underemployed senior marketing guy." He lists it next to his actual title, "director of marketing & development," in correspondence. Underemployed senior marketing guy ... that one certainly grabbed my attention! Very clever.


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