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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wendi Understands the Five Benefits

I've been doing quite a bit of field work lately. During this recent spate of business travel, I spent many hours listening to XM Radio while driving along in my Jeep. Most of what I listened to was news talk and sports talk radio. (Hey - I'm a guy, alright? It's what we do. So don't goon on me.)

The ads on XM are odd. They cannot be localized, so all you hear are advertisements for mass-retail brands, other media channels or products available over the Internet. Listening to this slew of ads, I "learned" that I need to take a pill for healthy thyroid function, another pill to boost my testosterone level and hypnosis to boost my confidence.

The hypnosis ad was not only unusual in its content, it was unusually good in its presentation of benefits. The service provider, a psychotherapist and hypnotist named Wendi, clearly understands The Five Benefits (as previously described on this blog). Wendi says that I should come to her for hypnosis. Doing so will give me more confidence, she claims. But she doesn't stop there. The feature is hypnosis. The function is to increase confidence. Great.

Next, she communicates the benefits, very clearly. If I get the hypnosis ... and the boost in confidence ... I will become more effective at work so that I can make more money. (Wealth) I will kick addictions to alcohol and/or nicotine. (Health) And I will have more and better sex! (Sexual gratification)
Really - you have to hear the radio spot!

Now, I am not saying that we should all rush out and buy the hypnosis from Wendi. What I am saying is that Wendi understands how to present through her marketing the benefits of the service she's offering. Kudos to Wendi and the other marketing geniuses who put the drill-down benefits into their marketing!


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