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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Secrets to Success in Earned Media - Lesson 1

Lesson One: Present a compelling, interesting story.

Don Hewitt, the successful producer of 60 Minutes ran his news show around this one guiding principle: tell me a story.

At the end of the story, Don Hewitt wanted to wind up thinking: "Hmmm - I didn't know that."

Simple. Effective.

Why? People love stories. That's what readers or viewers want. Accordingly, that's what editors, publisher, producers and reporters seek. They look for good stories. Period.

Fashion your news into a good story. It may take some creativity. It might require some extra time and effort. Don't just tell the news. Don't just recite the facts. Put a face on your story. Highlight an interesting central character. Develop one or more side-bar storylines to complement the main story.

People love stories. If you want to earn media coverage, tell them a story.


Blogger Jen said...

Wise words from the "professor" once again. :)

This is something that I can never be reminded enough of...I get into a rut of writing the same old same old sometimes. This reminded me of the name of the game....Make your story informative, interesting, and make sure it has a personal/human element.

Thanks for the reminder....


9:07 PM

Blogger Mau said...

This is particularly true also because I was reading that the human brain is more prone to remember stories than pure facts.
In an interesting book I read ("Power Strategies of Jesus Christ" - not a religious book, just a book about strategies used by Christ to be more effective in his preaching), chapter 12 is dedicated to exactly this. "Jesus wasn't a lecturer, he was a storyteller". Did it work in convincing people? Well, history tells us...

Mau (

9:17 PM


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