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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I have abstained from revisiting the coffee sleeve situation, well, because when I talk to folks about it I sound a little crazy. But, I have to talk about it again.

Over the past few weeks, our local coffee shop switched back to the traditional brown coffee sleeve.

I was so happy. I didn't get burned. The folks that served the coffee didn't have to double sleeve. I didn't have to draw attention to myself by complaining - ahh...Nirvana.

Then it happened, they switched back - arughh!

Well, JavaArt from BriteVision Media didn't get it. The sleeves are still too thin. And, they haven't responded to my call about the sleeve not working well.

Maybe I'm nuts, but I am going to contact them again.

My question: is anyone else having this problem at their local coffee shop?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want the best sleeve available try It is a sleeve that can keep coffee at 140-160 degrees. It plugs into your cars lighter outlet or you can unplug it and use it as a portable sleeve. It is made of neoprene material. It is awesome.

2:51 PM


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