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Monday, May 23, 2005

Sprint - The Rest of the Story

For those just coming into this ongoing saga, the first part is here.

So, just to recap, after having been a loyal Sprint PCS mobile customer for five years ... after being a revenue stream to Sprint in the neighborhood of $3,500 per year for five years ... after they decided, capriciously one day to discontinue my mobile phone service ... in the midst of a busy Friday ....

You would never in a million years guess what they did!

They charged me with two (count 'em - two) cancellation charges at $150 each.

Now they are trying to collect on me for the remaining balance owed PLUS $300.

To say that I am outraged is an understatment! Any advice, dear friends from the blogosphere?


Blogger Jen said...

I don't know if this is a help to you, but a similar situation happened to me, only with AT&T Wireless. This was immediately prior to Cingular/AT&T merger...

I had their service for about 8 months. I had used nTelos prior to that. AT&T seemed to have a better deal and coverage so we switched. Only to find out that it wasn't true... The coverage was horrible, not even close to nTelos and every month, I had to call and have my bill reviewed by a Customer Service Rep and they had to lower it every time...from charging me for night and weekend minutes (when I was supposed to have unlimited) or mobile to mobile charges (which were also supposed to be unlimited). So, after several months, my husband and I were fed up. I went and got a phone from nTelos for my husband and then I stayed on the AT&T plan so that we wouldn't have to pay the early term fees. Well, 8 months into it, they sent me a bill for the largest amount I had ever received before...This time it was nearly $400. I tried to call and get it adjusted, as usual, but they would not budge. I told them that I dropped calls continously and people had difficulty hearing me while talking to them on my phone. (Every time I see a Cingular/AT&T commercial about "more bars in more places", I laugh, knowing that it is not true.)I also explained the issue with the bills and how I had to call EVERY MONTH to get the bill reviewed. They had no sympathy. I am normally a very considerate person and customer, but I was furious! I went down to nTelos a few days later and had my phone number transferred (so that I wouldn't have to change the business cards, etc.) and AT&T allowed the transfer through nTelos' computer system. However, it did cancel my account with AT&T. TWO PHONES means $400 in early term fees. They sent me bill after totaling over $1,000, which includes "late fees", etc. So now I have to "screen" my calls for the only collection agency that I have ever received calls from. I also worry that my credit will be affected. There are few times when I stand up for myself, and this has been a fight that I will continue... I will not give AT&T one penny for poor phone service and horrible customer service. This might result in the only negative listing on my credit report, but I feel the principles might be more important.

So, I guess this LONG story is meant to show you that you are the only one who has been "done wrong" by a cellular phone company.

In case you are looking for a new service provider....nTelos has an unlimited minutes plan that includes many roaming minutes and my husband and I only pay $100 a month for two phones. We don't have to worry about overages...EVER! And I very rarely have dropped calls...

Best wishes!
Jen Wagner

8:23 PM

Blogger Jen said...

I meant that you were NOT the only one done wrong by a cellular phone company. It's late and all the letters were running together. LOL :( Sorry

8:25 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Jen - thanks for sharing your cellular horror story. I'm feelin' ya, sister! Good to know that we're not alone.

1:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a lawyer who's good at yelling.
Or get a lawyer and start yelling yourself.
Sad. But that's all they respond to.

10:14 AM


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