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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dealing with Conflict and Adversity

Okay, World ... I get it. This month it has been determined that my life lesson shall be about adversity. You've certainly given me plenty of practice in recent weeks. And I am ever so grateful. Thank you, Sir, may I have another!!

From the client who is upset over a quality control issue (yes -a typo)...

To the vendor who went behind our back to our client and wrote a contract directly with them, cutting us out of the transaction ...

From the client who negotiated with brute force over an engagement (contract) renewal with us, reminding us how badly our competition wanted to bend over backwards for them, busting our chops repeatedly over how hard we were going to have to work to keep their business ...

To the client who has put the CFO in charge of a marketing project, where the scope of work never ceases to expand and evolve, and who expresses their unrelenting dissatifaction with a steady stream of e-mail nastygrams ...

Ahhh ... the joys of business! Ahhh ... the joys of life! It's interesting--in a weird way--how life presents these patterns and lessons. No question, though, it is a great way to learn.

My close friend and mentor, John Wells Jr., who passed away a few months ago, used to tell me to embrace adversity. He coached me to treasure conflict. Treat it as a gift from God, a life lesson. Give thanks for the learning experience. He told me that whenever conflict arose at his company, he couldn't wait to get to work the very next morning. He would roll up his sleeves, say a quick prayer and jump right into the fray. That is just what I've been doing all month.

Thanks to my friend and mentor, that marketing genius known as John Wellls, Jr. John, I am still learning--still applying the wisdom that you shared with me!


Anonymous Christopher Bailey said...

Skip, I couldn't help but chuckle empathetically with you and your May experience. I've experienced my own set of adversities over the past few months with a tiring job search. Fortunately, I've been able to see this episode of my life as an incredible opportunity to learn more than I ever thought possible. Looks like that's the same philosophy that you've taken.

BTW, I found your blog and agency through MarketingSherpa's blog awards. Best of luck. Good to see some WV creative minds getting out there.

12:06 PM


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