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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hampton Inn

Stayed at a Hampton Inn recently. It had been many years since I had patronized the Hampton Inn chain. I tend to prefer Embassy Suites, Radisson or Marriott.

Wow! Was I ever impressed.

The Hampton Inn where I stayed provided free, high speed, wireless Internet. I did not expect that at a Hampton. Wow ... cool!

They have also upgraded the whole visual experience. As I entered, I noticed a very warm, inviting display of blues and grays. This included some really high-quality, black & white photography. Basically, the Hampton Inn was showing me pictures (stock images, really) of people who look like me. Generational cohort photography. It makes we feel welcome ... like I'm in the right place.

Next, I noticed a brand retooling with a new logo. The lozenge shape of the old Hampton logo has been transformed into a background texture of dark blue and light blue shapes, repeated in a geometric pattern. The word "Hampton" has been restyled with new typography--and used very, very sparingly.

Most impressive is the consistency of the brand across all of their collateral, sales and in-room display materials. Many of these items also displayed the rich, black & white photography carrying the theme forward from the lobby into the guest rooms. From the room key-card to the "things to do" list, from the Wi-Fi instruction card to the cable TV lineup card, what you see is one consistent brand. In the bathroom, Hampton has upgraded to a very contemporary looking assemblage of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel ... in the very stylish color range of pale, ice blues with silver accents.

Hampton Inn has executed a very impressive facelift. It made me feel comfortable and welcome. Kudos to the marketing geniuses at Hampton Inns for a wonderful redesign and rebranding!


Blogger Mau said...

I agree on the nice turnaround: I personally appreciate the Satisfaction Guaranteed policy they have as well, very well advertised within the establishment.

I put a post about it on, fyi.



7:45 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Mau- Thanks for adding your commentary and your perspective. I checked out your blog, also. I am impressed with what you have there.

8:28 PM


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