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Thursday, May 05, 2005

She Won't Take No for an Answer

Radio jingles are amazingly sticky. If well produced and properly placed, a jingle in a radio or TV ad can improve recollection and identification by more than a factor of 10. Ten times more memorable. Ten times as powerful.

The following radio jingle is etched into my head ... and the heads of about 900,000 other people in this region:

Jan Dils
Attorney at Law.
She won't take no
for answer!

Actually, that's just the chorus of the radio jingle. Sadly, I know every last insipid word of it.

Your bills are piling up.
You don't know where to turn.
Get the money you deserve-
The careful help you need.

Call Jan Dils,
Attorney at law.
She won't take
for an aaaa-hannnnn-serrrrrr.

I've never met Jan Dils, but when I do ... I'm going to sing her jingle to her, as strong and proudly as I can.

Music is a powerful communication and advertising tool. Prior blog post about the power of music here. Music helps us remember words and word relationship--even if we don't really want to remember them.

Because of their musical nature, radio and TV jingles are sticky. They have staying power. They get stuck in our brains.

Jingles are not cheap. In fact, they are fairly expensive. But for the right situation ... consumer oriented advertising in a crowded, competitive market space ... a good jingle is well worth the investment.

A tip of my cap to the marketing genius who first thought of singing the ad lines to a musical score, instead of simply speaking them.


Blogger oncee said...

Yes that is a jingle that sticks with you. Another one that is a complete ear worm is "Half price, half price, half price shoes." Foard-Harwood Shoes hasn't used the jingle for a while, but their jingle will live on forever.

Actually, I thought they went out of business years ago, but I can still find them listed in the online Yellow Pages and in a Huntington Quarterly feature with photos by some guy named .

9:16 AM

Blogger Rick Lee said...

Funny you linked that THAT article. Just a couple of days ago I saw the lady with the wine glass, Johanna Burton, in Taylor Books. I knew I knew her from somewhere.

Re: Jan Dils... last week I had a hilarious lunch conversation with a group of people from another ad agency about that jingle. We all knew it by heart except for one graphic designer who swore she'd never heard it. We all laughed and said that she must not EVER listen to the radio... she protested that she did so listen to the radio... until it finally ocurred to her that she almost always listens to NPR.

12:13 AM

Blogger Ford said...

I just hired her this morning. I stumbled across your blog while trying to find a picture of her to show someone. I must say, she's even more attractive in person.

But that jingle stuck in my head is driving me utterly insane...

9:09 PM

Anonymous Travis said...

The Jan Dils jingle is great. I laugh out loud everytime it gets to the "Social Security, disability!" line. I just can't help it. It's not quite as entertaining as Danny Cline's heavy hitter commercials, but it's certainly in the running.

12:06 PM


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