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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Motorola RAZR

I'm a long-time PalmPhone / PDA phone / Smartphone user. Recently, when my old reliable Samsung i330 Smartphone bit the dust, I set out on a journey to find something new. (By the way, the Samsung i330 was a great phone. It served me well for more than two years - providing all of the functionality that I expected and more!)

So did I go Blackberry?
Treo from Handspring?

Nope. Neither. I shopped around the Internet and local stores ... tried both the Blackberry and the Treo ....

I ended up with a Motorola RAZR V3. As you may know, or might have guessed, I am a design afficianado. A glutton for good design. One might say that I have a bit of a design fetish. For me it's more than good looks. My phone, my car and my electronics are my tools. I seek function AND form.

The RAZR blew me away! It swept me off my feet from the first moment that I touched it. So much so that I abandoned using a combination mobile phone and PDA for a straight mobile phone. Not that there is anything ordinary about the Razr! It is so light, thin and sleek. Best of all--it works, extremely well! There are too many subtle, intuitive design features to list here.

Ahhhh, the Razr! It is sharp. It is stylish. It is fun to own.

I never thought I would be using a phone-mounted camera or downloading custom ring tones. But alas, I am. The Razr just sucks you into its multi-media features. My current main ring tone? "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys. (Hell yeah - I'm old school. But I've also downloaded some Rap and Hip Hop tones ... Snoop, Usher, etc.)

One of the best things about owning the Motorola Razr is the fact that I met its designer, Dan Williams, last December at Tom Peters' Re-Imagine Summit. Dan shared some scoop with me on what's in the design pipeline, and he was really proud of the Razr. And well he should be!

I am still in learning mode, somewhat. But the RAZR and me ... we're a match made in heaven. It's a keeper!

Props to the marketing geniuses at Motorola!


Anonymous Len LaCara said...

Is this the same phone that Cingular was advertising during the NCAA tournament?

5:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not really sure, But you can check to see if it is by going to this website I found:
it talks about all the latest razr phones including models and styles.
I hope I have been somewhat helpful!

12:35 PM


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