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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Power of a Company Blog

The following is a true story. None of the numbers or facts have been embellished or exaggerated.

We created this blog - Marketing Genius - in March 2004. Throughout the remainder of 2004 we focused on posting useful, relevant and sometimes quirky content. It was mainly a creative outlet and a quasi-business hobby. It was new and fun. But in the course of having fun, we created 87 blog posts in our first year.

Somewhere around late January 2005, we reached the tipping point. We went from 2 or 3 hits/day on the blog to 30-40 hits per day.

"Big whoop. Thirty hits a day is nice, but what's the big deal, dude?"

Okay, here's the payoff. [Get the visual of a mushroom cloud.]

The Marketing Genius blog now generates more than sixty percent (60%) of the traffic to our company site - !

From direct visitations ... to click-through visits ... to drive-by traffic from spiders and other search engine robots, the blog-related traffic that reaches the Maple Creative company site is more than 15,000 hits per month.

This firsthand example has proven to me that blogging is a powerful tool. I am a believer!

How to:
1- Create a blog.
1a- Give it a killer name that's unique, distinctive, catchy, short and memorable.
2- Write about stuff that's relevant to your company--its mission, its daily travails & triumphs and the broader industry in which it exists.
3- Keep the blog active by posting useful content on a regular basis.
4- Work to build incoming and outgoing links to other related, successful blogs.
4a- Be open and generous; be reciprocal.
5- Build hyperlinks to your company site into your blog.
6- Keep blogging, following above recommendations, until you reach liftoff.


Blogger Cactus Flower said...

Hey Skip,

Congrats on the success of your blog. You've fallen right along on the natural trend of blog building - it's usually about 9 months into steady blogging that things really begin to kick in. Like I've always said, "I don't make money from my blog... I make money BECAUSE of my blog." Smart bloggers are smart business people!

1:10 PM


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