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Friday, February 25, 2005

Ok, I admit I watched it!

Last night I watched Peter Jennings talk about UFO's.

Why, I dunno? I have always had an interest in science fiction and honestly, I just find the whole subject a little quirky and interesting.

Here's what I didn't expect to learn.

ABC in my opinion has become a pretty slick content provider these days. Somehow, they have me watching more television with some of the shows they have put on recently.

I've noticed they have targeted me. I've purchased things I've seen ads for and I didn't know it until the damage was done (this from a marketing person).

But what was really interesting to me last night was the ads that ran during the news special.

They were all direct response. They were all for products that were helpful/useless - affordable ab machines, storage containers, super spatulas, etc.

Here's my question? Did ABC know what their core audience was going to look like for this feature? Did they create it specifically to attract that audience and sell them stuff?

The products didn't appeal to me or my wife - we weren't the target. I have a basic hunch as to who they were targeted and I'd like to know how much of that stuff moved out of the warehouse last night.

If you know, let me know.


Anonymous Peter Davidson said...

It seemed to me when I flipped past that ABC couldn't get any of their regular sponsors to buy on that show so they were left with the direct response dreck that normally fills the overnight hours. Didn't look like the majors wanted to touch the whole UFO thing.

12:57 AM

Blogger Andy Malinoski said...

Nice insight. Appreciate the feedback.


10:22 PM


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