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Thursday, March 17, 2005


When the DHL campaign broke, I was impressed.

I liked what I saw. They were taking on the big two: FedEx and UPS.

They stood out - Yellow. Yellow trucks, yellow uniforms.

Man it looked good on TV.

Well, the uniform doesn't look good on the delivery folks.

They chose cotton shirts, yellow ones, that show dirt, have shrunk, look dingy, shabby, etc.

Brown - not dirty, or if they are I can't tell. FedEx - black and purple uniforms, again - can't tell.

Being a delivery person is a challenging job, and you get dirty, sweaty, etc.

DHL didn't think through or test the new uniform in the field.

The delivery folks look shabby (through no fault of their own) and that is an image that they will not be able to shake.


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