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Thursday, January 20, 2005

'Report SPAM' - Please Do NOT Hit That Button

So you still don't believe that it is getting tougher and harder than ever before to get your important promotional messages to your audience? Just check out the following message excerpt. This is part of an e-mail message that I received this morning from a company that I gave permission to send me stuff online. In other words, I am interested in what they have to offer.

AOL USERS: Please do NOT hit the "report spam" button. When you hit the "spam" button, you effectively stop 2,500 other "interested" AOL users from receiving our Newsletter. So PLEASE, simply reply to this message with "Remove" in the subject line-and your address WILL be deleted, we PROMISE.

It sounds like if this company gets on AOL's no-no spammer list, they stand to lose thousands of prospects. To me, it sounds desparate. It sounds like they are begging & pleading. It sounds like a sign of the times of internet marketing, doesn't it?

Ask yourself today: how am I dealing with issues like SPAM filtering and permission?


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