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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Feed Burner

Okay, I confess, I am an engineer by degree. Every once in a while that old engineering part of my brain rears its geeky head.

I like to get "under the hood" of my blog and tinker with things. Most recently, I got on this quest to find a way to get my blog to produce a true RSS feed. I use "My Yahoo" for my news reader/aggregator, and it could not find this blog. I was frustrated, embarrassed and peeved. So I did like any good engineer would and drilled way down deep into the tech support and help menus at Blogger. I got to a point where Blogger basically said, "If you want more support on RSS, we recommend that you go to Feed Burner."

So, I did.

At Feed Burner, I found a really in-depth, technical tool for bloggers. Yet, it was incredibly easy to use. I got my RSS functionality that I was seeking - plus a whole lot more. It also has this really cool and accurate Blog traffic metering function, plus tons of tools to help you better publicize your Blog. Kewl!

The best part: all of it is point/click and cut/paste. And it worked!

As of about 5 days ago, I began publishing with an RSS feed (in addition to the Atom feed that comes standard with Blogger). Now, I can find my Blog on my "My Yahoo." A bit narcissistic, I admit. Most importantly, my traffic is way up!

For those who may be wondering - yes, I did send props to the FeedBurner crew via their feedback button. And yes, they received it and responed very quickly.

WOW! (And thanks!)


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