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Friday, June 23, 2006

More Hidden Logo Design Elements

As the parent of two young children, I had seen the "Finding Nemo" logo hundreds of times. Then, strangely, the other day when I found the CD case lying on the dining room table I saw--for the first time--a hidden design element in the logo.

Do you see it yet?

If not, perhaps you will need to fish around a bit.

Have fun, marketing geniuses!

If you like these "Hidden Logo Design Elements" brain teasers, here are a few from the past.


Big Ten Conference



Blogger Adham G said...

I love these sort of subtle logos and images really enjoyed those two on your blog, thanks for putting them up
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1:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

its really nice clues for me who really want to be in branding field

2:19 AM

Blogger Jeremiah Smith said...

This may seem silly, but other than the little fish in the letter "o" is there something else I am missing? I sat back and let my eyes go out of focus and immediately, I saw something. The whole logo looks like a blue whale's head swimming from the right to the left. The swoosh is his mouth and the little fish is his eye. Let me know what you think please!

2:38 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Jeremiah- You've taken it to a whole new level! When I initially posted this, I was only seeing the little fish that is embedded in the negative space of the letter "o" in "Nemo." Now I see the whale's head!

Thanks for contributing your creative eyes and observation to the blog!


12:15 PM


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