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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Measurement Eliminates Argument

The idea that marketing is difficult to quantify is a misconception. These days, it has never been easier to track where your customers are coming from. Example: If you run ads in three different publications, use a different web link for each one. This will not only ensure you know exactly how many customers came from each outlet, but it also allows you to create targeted landing pages for each one. With hard numbers to refer to, the decision on which publication to stick with becomes easy.

Measurement eliminates argument.

Ten years ago, agencies recommended different phone lines for different magazine ads. If customer X used the -5555 line, for example, you knew that was a referral from Magazine Y. Same theory – different tactic. How much easier things are today! When I send out an email newsletter for one of my clients, I can not only track who purchased from it, I can track who opened it. So when customers ask how their campaign fared, I can tell them to the dollar.

Measurement eliminates argument.

The point is you don’t have sit around and debate whether or not your marketing programs are working anymore. All you have to do is:

1.) Start tracking your campaigns
2.) Keep what’s working
3.) Toss everything that’s not

Is this a great business or what?


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