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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7-Eleven Harnessing Election Fever to Engage Customers

The marketing geniuses at 7-Eleven have found a way to engage their customers this election season. It's simple and brilliant. Right now, whenever you get a cup of Joe at any 7-Eleven, you can choose an Obama (blue) cup or a McCain (red) cup. Essentially, every cup is a "vote." Naturally, the whole campaign (not a play on words, really) is supported by a nice, clean Web site. And given the fact that 7-Eleven sells one million cups of coffee a day, the promotion has the potential to generate fairly relevant, significant results. As you'll see on the Web site, they've done this before, and their previous results have tracked closely with those election outcomes. Indulge yourself and take five minutes to check out this clever concept.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and this post.

They truly are geniuses. My wife recently told me about this story, then I saw it on the news and then began to hear more about on the news.
How is that for a viral marketing effect?

A cross promotion if I ever saw one!

Nice blog, keep up the good work!

The IM Reporter | Internet Marketing Resources

1:43 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment!


2:06 PM

Blogger Rebecca Burch said...

This is a great marketing tool, and really fun, too! I think marketing should be fun. Yes, you want people to buy your product, but you also want them to enjoy the experience of buying it, right?

10:28 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thank you so, so much for posting your comment. I think I can guess which color cup you grabbed at 7-Eleven. ;-) Way to go, girl!!!


4:53 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


7-Eleven and its customers were right on the money with their forecast of this election result. All told, it was a huge (if not purely scientific) sampling of public opinion.


1:26 AM


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