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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Start-up Attitude

Yesterday, Michael and I traveled out of state to meet with a team of entrepreneurs. This group of four, smart, highly-educated businessmen have launched a technology company. The day was, on the surface, a sales meeting. Yes, we came away with a bundle of great new project opportunities. But as valuable and as important as the sales opportunities were, the thing that stood out to me was the attitude and energy of these folks. They are full of hope, confidence and optimism. They have every intention of making it big and "conquering the world." Their attitude and energy were infectious. Even the language these four used was different, embodying the clarity and differentiation and purpose of a team that has spent a ton of time focusing on their business (not just working in their business).

Our company, Maple Creative, is completing its eighth year in business, which is not to imply that Maple is stale or old or tired. Au contrere, in many respects, I feel that we are just peaking ... coming into our prime. Personally, I have never felt more passionate, committed or optimistic about Maple Creative. Being with those four early-stage entrepreneurs was a reminder of the promise and hope of business ownership. In many respects, they were us--eight or nine years ago. I tip my cap to those guys. Yesterday's experience was a flashback and a blessing.

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