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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This summer, with the economy lagging and gas prices soaring, many folks are taking a staycation instead of a vacation. I heard that term for the first time recently, and I cannot recall where I heard it. But I love it. Appears to have emerged in summer 2006 and gained in popularity with a slight variant this year.

Official Urban Dictionary definition here.

Staying closer to home on vacation ... or staying home instead of travelling at all. The staycation--so 2008, isn't it?The staycation trend has obvious and serious impact for our friends and clients in the travel and tourism industries. What stories have you marketing geniuses heard about smart ways to tap into (or overcome) the staycation trend?

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Blogger Bill Masson said...

Yes that is a word that will no doubt flourish and be included in the next dictionary listing. But yes this economical downturn is affecting the whole world; Prices for just about everything from food to diesel are out of control. So should we just sack the heads of state and run our own communities instead. YES Definitely (<:

9:23 AM

Blogger Adam said...

We have a travel and social senior citizens club at our bank. This club normally takes 10 to 15 day, overnight and multi-day trips a year; many of them out of state. This year, with fuel prices what they are, some trip prices have increased and have discouraged some trip takers. Since then we have added several mini-trips that keep our group local and enjoying some of the often overlooked gems we have here in our beautiful state (and tri-state area.) Just this week we took a small group to Hawk's Nest State Park and even visited some "West Virginia Grown" companies like Blue Smoke Salsa and Kirkwood Winery. There is so much beauty and history in our great state that is often overlooked as West Virginians pack up and head to Myrtle Beach without a second thought. Most states may not be lucky enough take a "staycation" like we can.

9:33 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Hello Bill!

Thanks for joining the conversation. We'll assume that your anarchistic comments are in jest :-)

Will you be enjoying a staycation this summer, too?

Hope you'll stay plugged into our online conversation.


3:19 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Always great to have your words in this conversation. Great insights you've added here. Hey, here's a thought you inspired:

West Virginia
The Staycation Capital of the USA

are you loving it?


3:21 PM

Blogger jenniferwood said...

I guess for once in my life, I can consider myself an early adopter...I guess. I've been lucky enough to enjoy staycations for quite some time. Summer trips to Snowshoe have always been a great getaway. Or journeying to a local park for a picnic. I'm not much into camping, but I did go once when my best friend forced me. She said, "If I have to go, you're coming with me." So, we swam, grilled our dinner, and enjoyed nature. (I was very ready to come home afterwards though!) There are a wide variety of things to do in the state and I really don't know if there would be a reason to ever go elsewhere. Well, except maybe when Adam took me to Cleveland for the Michael Buble concert. :) If we could get Michael Buble to come to WV then all requirements would be fulfilled. :)

Additional point...I will never understand why WV folks go to Myrtle Beach anyway. They just run into the same people they would run into here. If they want the beach experience, I can put some sand in their shoes and sell them a cheap tshirt or other "knicknacks". They can stay close to home, see the same people, save money, and have a better time. :)

Just throwing ideas out there....

9:28 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Aww c'mon, now. You've always been an early adopter. Now you're rolling with Seth's peeps, too. :~)

About that cheap T-Shirt ....

Hey, seriously, thanks for being such a vital member of this online community.


3:21 PM


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