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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you know about "A Word A Day?" It is a fabulous e-mail educational service. Each day Anu Garg and the crew at Wordsmith send you an interesting, unique word to help you expand your vocabulary. It's free (although they do accept donations and subscriptions), and I have enjoyed it for the past 9 years. In fact, I've shared it with many friends and colleagues over the years.

So onto today's word: misoneism. If you're a leader and a change agent, undoubtedly you encounter misoneism frequently. I'd like to think that my misoneism index is near zero. How's yours? As a marketing professional or change agent, how do you overcome misoneism?

noun: A hatred or fear of change or innovation. (mis-uh-NEE-izm)

From Italian misoneismo, from Greek miso- (hate) + neos (new). Ultimately from Indo-European root newo- (new) that also gave us new, neo-, neon, novice, novel, novelty, innovate, and renovate.

I encourage all marketing geniuses to subscribe to A Word A Day ... to visit their fun Web site ... and to play around with their very cool, quirky anagram tool? What's your favorite anagram that is derived from your name? Mine is "Bring Eel."

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